Friday, October 12, 2007

Abortion on Demand

Britain is about to become even more a country of abortion on demand than it is at the moment.

Proposals are being recommended which will allow medical (drug) terminations of pregnancy to be completed "in the privacy of a woman's own home". Far be it for anyone to be put to the incovenience of going to a clinic as they kill their own child, of course.

And this is supposed to be a step forward for society ?

These drugs are only relatively safe compared to the known risks of pregnancy and birth; they are not absolutely safe.
Just wait for the first pregnant 13 year old to die a messy death along with her child at home from the side-effects of these drugs and wait for the howls of outrage.

God help us all.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

After nearly 15 years in nursing and community health I have never, ever understood why, from a purely worldly perspective, why it's easier to pop a pill after rather than before. Sometimes I get rather paranoid and wonder if "they" want a nation of guilt-ridden, traumatised girls and women.

God help us indeed.