Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Slipper Saga

I have just realised I didn't regale you all with the great Slipper Saga !

Last week, DD3 & 4 were officially deemed in dire need of new slippers. One would think this is not a difficult mission, but it proved otherwise......

At our favourite shoe shop, where the children`s feet were carefully measured, it was found necessary to purchase size 3 and a half slippers for DD3 and size 12 for DD4. They did have a gorgeous pair of pink and fluffy slippers in size 3 and a half, so they were duly purchased with some glee, but the size 12 slippers were a tad too narrow although the perfect length, so we decided to go elsewhere.

There were two other places in Blogsville which stock slippers, and we had absolutely no joy there at all, so DH decided we would drive to another emporium a few miles away. They had no slippers of any description and would not be receiving stock till the end of September, which wasn't much use to us at the back into the car we all piled and drove to Blogstown.

On our second shop in Blogstown, we hit the jackpot. One shop was having a massive sale to clear stock prior to the shop being refitted, and we purchased two pairs of slippers in different sizes for DD4 for the price of the one pair of DD's, plus a very nice pair of slippers for myself :-)

Despite it taking us nearly three hours, the mission was accomplished to everyone`s satisfaction and at a reasonable cost :-)
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1 comment:

Philippa said...

That is quite a bit of traipsing around Blogsville shopping for slippers...but I am glad all were smiling at the end! Including DH I am sure!