Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Should I Buy ?

I have a dilemma.

Nothing new in that, but.......

I still have a substantial chunk of my birthday money which I have not yet spent. There is a book (however did you guess?) which I have to admit, I really do covet.

It is the Orthodox Old Believer Horologion, which has the *complete* cycle of services, including the Inter-hours, as well as the Lenten texts and Troparia and kontakia for every day of the year.

The exchange rate is very favourable if I want to buy books from the USA at present, but the shipping will be pricey as it is a big book, and may cost a bit more than I actually have in birthday money.

However, if I delay, I may not be able to afford it for years once the exchange rate changes.

Opinions, please :-)
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Meg said...

OF COURSE you should buy it. I assume there's someplace else that you could cut back to afford the book postage? The exchange rate is a fickle thing to begin with, and if it's favorable, you need to take advantage of that. Aside from which, you've evidently been pining for something like this for a long time. Go for it!

Mimi said...

I always say buy the book, always!

Anonymous said...

Yes, echoing the ladies: when it comes to books, buy! buy! buy!