Sunday, August 05, 2007

Raising Kids

Last week, DD2 paid for her boyfriend, two younger sisters, and myself to go to the movies with some of the money from her very first paycheck, which was a very sweet thing to do. She had to work, so couldn`t accompany us :-(

Standing outside the cinema door, waiting for the staff to finish cleaning and let us in to see The Simpsons Movie, we had ample opportunity to "people watch". DD2`s boyfriend was particularly interested in the fact that DD3 & 4 stood quietly and waited. One boy, who was about 7 or 8, turned to his mother and said "Well, we can always just go in and ask if we can get to our seats, you idiot". The tone of voice , laden with contempt for his parent, had to be heard to be believed.

My two young ones just looked at each other and their jaws dropped. DD2`s boyfriend looked at me and asked quietly what I would have done if either of the young ones had said that to me.

I simply grinned and replied calmly that I would have grabbed said child firmly by the collar, frog-marched child immediately out of the cinema complex and back home, regardless of how much money it would have wasted. then the child would have lost all privileges ( computer access, Playstation, DVD etc) for at least a week. Then the non-cheeky sibling would have had extra treats including going to see the movie which she had to miss through no fault of her own, as soon as could be managed.

If you let a child get away with treating you with such contempt at age 7 or 8, at age 11 they will be uncontrollable and basically feral.

All my kids have been taught that they speak to all adults with respect. It is possible to disagree with an adult and state an alternative point of view whilst remaining respectful.

And the film was great - if you like The Simpsons. My mother is going to see it next week with an elderly friend of hers......
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Anonymous said...


I thank God every day that I was brough up by traditional minded parents! If I had pulled a stunt like that lad, I would have immediately been taken home and turned over my mother's knee, then given a few pats on the behind. After that I would have been confined to my bedroom (all toys, etc removed first) for the remainder of the day (at least).

It is disgusting that so many children (and young adults, for that matter) seem to have no respect for others, even less regard for authority. Worse, when asked about it, they really could care less.

Yes, it is a sad world we live in today.

Elizabeth, I'm glad to see that you are teaching your children respect and right from wrong.

Finally, please pray for me that I may secure much needed employment in the near future.

Philippa said...

You left out the part about washing the kid's mouth out with soap.

Lord have mercy!

Christi said...

I so totally agree with as to how to deal with such behaviour. My children's jaws drop too when they see such behaviour and sadly, it is sometimes seen in a church parking lot or lobby.... Imagine, eh?!

How incredibly selfless of your daughter not only to pay for you all to see the movie, but at a time when she could not attend 'cause she was working! AWESOME daughter there!