Thursday, August 30, 2007

Orthodox Roundup

....strikes again :-)

Because I decided I would keep up with the Rounup yesterday, on the Feast of the Beheading of the Forerunner, I simply have to start with this gem........a RC priest, Fr Dwight, reminesces that he used to know a nun who was HeadMistress of the local parish school dedicated to St John Baptist, and she would regularly answer the phone with the immortal words "Hello, this is the head of John the Baptist speaking"...........

Pilgrims using the Vatican` special pilgrim airline to tourist shrines were rather distressed when under the strict anti-terrorism laws, their holy water form the RC shrine at Lourdes had to be discarded before flying home because the bottles , shaped like a statue of the Virgin, contained more than the regulation 100ml of liquid....

The wonderful Byzantine blogger MaryPoppinsNOT and her family are taking part in a 40 day prayer vigil outside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility due to open near her. God bless all those who witness for life and love in this way !

A delightful musing on St Anna, the grandmother of Christ has been penned by missingbecheery.
The great Feast of the Dormition has been an important focus this month, and Laura Nee has written about the ending of the Life of the Theotokos. Magda has written about how she and her family were able to use technology to take part in the Paraklisis during the Fast, and Fr John talks about the icon of the Dormition.

Alana gives us "worship on steroids"!

Some really quite sobering thoughts on the Priesthood, which I had never considered, are picked up on here, and Antioch Abouna ponders why he became and remainanOrthodox and a priest here. Fr Peter talks about a recent Sunday here, which made me giggle.

I`ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks reading Harry Potter fanfiction, and was delighted to read Matt`s article on the subject of Harry`s very Christian Patronus.

Visible Christian things are also on Abouna`s mind when he talks about the ancient English custom of well-dressing here.

Items of immense value for daily living are worth reading ; Grace provides two of them with keeping offenses in perspective and being the fond and foolish parent of our thoughts.
Fr Joseph provides the other via Elder Paisios.

James from Paradosis has had an amazing trip to Orthodox Africa, which I commend to you in its entirety over at his site, from the end of July to the beginning of August. A recent post of his cracked me up- the subject of Orthodox leftovers.......... as did C`s new post on Sunday morning headaches !

Life in a one storey universe and death in a two storey universe are very well worth a read - fascinating, thought provoking and have stuck in my mind since I read them first.

Molly talks about being taught to serve Christ in the less fortunate by her daughter, and gave me much food for thought.

Dixie blogs about an ancient Orthodox church found in Tiberias.

Maryleah discusses the icon of the Holy Mandylion and also St Gregory Palamas' thoughts on the necessity of holy icons.

Katherine gives us a feast of articles, quite literally ! Go read how to build a tetrapod of your very own here, and take a visual journey through the Orthodox church here, and see the Twelve Great Feast Montessori style !

Another take on WWJD ? is given by Dave, who also blogs about icons on a BBC tv programme and the trials and tribulations of Christian student bodies in a non-Christian tolerant Britain. He also gives us a link to fun quizzes - thank you!

Papa herman is blessed to be going on pilgrimage to Fr Seraphim Rose`s grave at Platina this coming weekend. May his trip be both safe and richly blessed !

Although the recent dreadful fires in Greece now seem to be under control, thank God, there is widespread devastation and suffering in many areas. You can help IOCC help the Greek folk by visting Fr Joseph`s link .

That`s about all folks. Hope you enjoyed it !
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