Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Babies !

One of my cousins and his wife have just had twin babies, a boy and a girl.
Parents and babies are doing well, and the little ones (who were six weeks premature) should be home in a fortnight, God willing.

On the home front, we have resurrected our old fish tank and we are now the proud possessors of five cool-water guppies and a pink catfish, swimming happily in their tank in the living room. Abby is particularly thrilled, as she has been desperate to have pet fish for over a year., and now we have them !
Rockford, Cadfael, Columbo, Charlie, Princess and Angel have joined the family :-)

Pictures will follow in due course........
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Mimi said...

Ooooh, many years to the new babies.

We (or I should say, my husband) has fish.

Philippa said...

Many years to the new Boy and Girl! Six weeks premmies is a lot but I am sure they will thrive and arrive home in due course.

I had fish. Notice the "past" tense?! :o)