Monday, August 13, 2007

Dental News

Last Thursday, I made a block booking for myself and the two young ones at our dentist`s surgery.

DD3 merely had a tiny chip which needed attention, causing no distress at all and less than a minute in the Chair.

DD4 required only a top-up repair to the sealant on the tooth she had root-canal work on at Easter. Again, the work of a minute or two, with no distress.

Then me.

I knew that I had lost a chunk of filling and it would need attention, but I did not expect it would become a major undertaking involving about 20 minutes and industrial levels of novocaine, causing the whole left side of my face to be completely numb and with cross over to the right side of my nose , LOL.

DH was outside with the children, in the waiting room, and I was aware of plaintive comments on the lines of just how much longer was Mummy going to be ........... I was in THE CHAIR, wondering just how much longer Mummy was going to be also !

Once the novocaine wore off, the fun began. I took maximum doses of ibuprofen, and confidently expected the pain to dissipate.
It didn't.
Not even after an hour.
I ended up going to bed due to the pain; it was just as bad as when I was hospitalized to have four impacted wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthesia.

I really didn't expect this, and was on the point of phoning up the dentist to ask advice, when in desperation I had a very hot cup of tea and held a mouthful in the affected side of my mouth. Within seconds, the pain vanished and didn't come back.

How weird was that ?

Needless to say, I am not looking forward to my scheduled appointment with the hygienist and another with the dentist to do "just a tiny filling" .
I think I will take a flask of hot tea with me ;-)
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Mimi said...

Oh, yuck, I hate dental visits.

Jacob Hicks said...

I've been putting off going to the dentist for almost eight years (since I came off the register at the NHS children's dentist which had allowed me to stay on longer than I should have done). I know I should go (I can see the state of some of the teeth!) but the expense of it all terrifies me - as do experiences like yours.