Friday, August 31, 2007


A number of you have commented on the books visible through the close up view of the fishtank :-)

We like collecting political memoir type books.
We have the biography of the ex Prime Minister John Major;
Edwina Currie`s political diaries and one of her novels (signed),
Bill Clinton (as you have all noticed!),
Margaret Thatcher (signed),
two novels by Ann Widdecombe MP , one of which is signed.

For the sake of historical completeness, we even have a copy of the memoirs of the royal butler turned weasel, Paul Burrell, and the Prison Diaries of Jeffrey Archer :-)

DoomHamster is currently reading the collected works of Winston Churchill, on loan from her grandparents, and is thoughly enjoying them.
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Anonymous said...


It is wonderful to know of a family who loves to read. I come from a family of readers also!

I basically read history, biography, and Theology.

I have the John Major, Margaret Thatcher, and Bill Clinton books in my library. I also own several Winston Churchill books as well. Sir Winston is brilliant!