Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Tap At The Window

Last night, I was eagerly anticipating watching the season finale of CSI.
At last we were due to discover the true identity of the infamous serial "miniature killer" , whose trail Gil, Sara and the rest of the CSI team have been chasing.

It had just started; it was getting a tad creepy and outside, dusk was starting to fall rapidly.
The dog was snoozing noisily on one settee and I was on another settee, when suddenly there was an almighty "THUD" and I saw a large brown object move past the garden window (where I am currently typing this up).

Just before I had a heart attack and the dog nearly leapt out of his skin, I saw the shape move from the window sill and fly away into the garden..... only a bird . But it unsettled me for the rest of the evening , LOL. And the finale ended on a wretched cliffhanger.

I am not a happy bunny .......
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