Monday, July 02, 2007

St John The Wonderworker

Asking the prayers of our holy Father amongst the Saints, John the Wonderworker, as we celebrate his Feast Day today !

Addendum: This is a truly modern-day Saint !

St John Maximovitch the Wonderworker, sometimes called St John of Shanghai (where he was Arch-Bishop ) or St John of San Francisco (where he was ArchBishop in his later years)

Information about him can be found here
and lots of resources here.
The Akathist to St John is here
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Mimi said...

Holy St. John, pray to God for us.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

Is this St. John of Krondstadt, or a different St. John?

Meg said...

A different St. John. St. John of Kronstadt lived in, well, Kronstadt. St. John the Wonderworker lived in Shanghai and San Francisco. St. John of Kronstadt reposed around 1911. St. John the Wonderworker reposed in 1966. St. John of Kronstadt was a parish priest. St. John the Wonderworker was an archbishop.

There is an icon of St. John the Wonderworker in my office. I keep it here because he disapproved of two bad habits of mine: opening letters with your fingers, and licking the envelopes closed. I bought two letter openers, one for the office and one for the living room (where I sometimes open mail), and a whole bunch of little bottles of envelope-sealant, just so St. John wouldn't be offended at seeing me working in my office. ;-)

Holy Vladyka John, pray to God for us!