Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Orthodox Roundup

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Lots to talk about.
Orrologion posts details of audio files by Fr Andrew Louth as well as a brilliant article on whether creationism and evolutionary theories can be reconciled .

Harry Potter fever is in action, but there are still people who don`t seem to get the enormous amount of Christian belief which underpins the entire Harry Potter series. At our home, DoomHamster has kindly volunteered to go get the book at some unearthly hour of Saturday morning, and she will get to read it first, probably finishing it before the rest of us are awake :-)

How to make Orthodoxy strong in America ( and the rest of the world, too !) is discussed by Fr Joseph, as well as a brilliant exposition on the Six Psalms of Matins.

Icons in an unusual -yet logical - place and iconography get coverage over at Paradosis, as does the work of the Orthodox Celts band.

The iconographic theme gets extensive and beautifully illustrated coverage by Handmaid Mary Leah, and is very well worth a visit ! Mary Leah is incredibly productive and has given me huge amounts of food for thought. Some of my favourites are:-
Elder Paisios` thoughts on how difficult our age is.
How- and why- to control one`s tongue.
Elder Epiphanios on the Most Holy Mysteries and unbelief.
and modern day blessings from St Luke`s relics, and the importance of the Holy Cross.

The importance of love in our dealing with the whole world is emphasised by Fr Stephen.

The inconveniences of life are discussed by Molly, which really struck a chord with me, and Fr John discusses whether hospitality is dead.

Deb on the run gives us a great post on the significance and impact of the Cherubic Hymn, which I love so dearly.....

Boulia rounds up her wonderful travelogue about her recent trip to Moscow.

Katherine talks about St Innocent of Alaska and shows their lovely home icon corner!
Papa Herman ponders on Acts of God.

Current in the medical blogosphere has been this case, where a doctor has been paralysing dying infants with the drug Pancuronium. Make no bones, these babies were in their death throes, and it must have been dreadful for their parents to witness, but like NHS Blog Doc, I too have serious problems with what this particular doctor did. To paralyse these babies so that their parents did not have to witness their desperate last gasps might have made the parents feel better, but the babies were deliberately prevented from breathing their last. There is no mention of whether the babies were given sedation or pain-killing medication to ease their last moments ; if not, these babies may well have been aware yet paralysed - not quite the peaceful death the parents may have imagined their children were having.
To give a dying person morphine to ease their pain and suffering does sometimes have the effect of depressing the respiratory system, hence slightly hastening death, but its primary aim is to relive suffering. To administer paralysing agents does not relieve suffering, it kills. End of argument.
Enter some NHS hospitals at your peril.......

Another take on the end of season episode of Doctor Who having a profoundly Christian theme is here, especially for Mimi ! It is well worth a read......

Till next time.......
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DebD said...

Happy Feast Day (Greek style!) my friend. What a feast we have today. Its going to take me a while to get through them. Thanks for mentioning me, but I feel a bit out of my league with all these great writers.

Mimi said...

Ooooooh, what a lovely roundup, and I'm off to read about Doctor Who!

Happy Feast Day!