Monday, July 02, 2007


One thing DH and I have in common from our childhoods is an unfulfilled desire to go inside a lighthouse.
Personally, I blame it on Enid Blyton`s Famous Five books !

Well, on Saturday, we finally got to visit and tour a lighthouse. The weather was poor, but we went, nevertheless, and it was a wonderful experience. The view was still fairly good, as you can see !

The children loved it, even the 140+ steps to the top. Our tour guide was enthusiastic, kind and helpful, and it is a memory we will treasure forever.

He even fired up the foghorn (housed in a separate building) for us, which was so loud it made the ground beneath our feet shake - it was incredible !

We hope to go again later in the summer, as DoomHamster has said she would like to visit it and wasn`t able to come with us this time.
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