Monday, July 23, 2007

The Deathly Hallows- Spoiler Alert !

If you do not wish to read about HP 7 you should navigate away from this page NOW :-)

Saturday saw the house enveloped in an eerie silence. No chatter, no tv noise, just the industrious swish of pages turning over as we devoured the new Harry Potter book.

In the interests of family harmony, we had two copies; one from our local independent bookstore, which I support on principle, and one cut-price delivered from the Asda supermarket chain (owned by Wal-Mart) for DD3, as it was offered cheaper than even the paperback will be when it is published in due course........

DH heroically braved torrential rain to get my copy at 7 am for me, and I read the first three chapters before handing it over to DoomHamster (still in bed!), to whom I had promised first dibs on the book. Luckily book number 2 was delivered by 8.30 am , so DD3 immersed herself in hers.

I resorted to knitting some more squares for my blanket whilst waiting for DoomHamster to finish reading, which she did before noon, so I was able to purloin the book back and enjoy.

My main concern was the fate of Severus Snape; I refused to believe that he was as black as everyone else seemed to think, and was relieved that my trust in him was vindicated.

All in all, it was a satisfactory ending, though some characters were deleted rather cruelly.
It just seems really odd that there are no more books to look forward to in due course.
I do hope JK Rowling will relent and write some more HP related items for us to enjoy...
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Huw said...

Without getting into too many plot spoilers... Please delete this post if you think I've said too much!

I thought the plot suddenly changed around page 350 (I'm assuming the US and UK editions are the same) and that the last 200 pages were spent in talking - talking that resolved plot points and loose ends that could have taken another 4-500 pages of "showing". But the rule in writing is "show us don't tell us" and there was a LOT of telling.

And it was all rather deus ex machina because of that.

Mimi said...

It was a great book, I agree. The ending was a wee bit pat, BUT it worked out exactly how I wanted it to on that score.