Monday, July 23, 2007

And Still The Rain Falls.....

It is still raining here.

There is some meteorologically complex issue relating to the jet flows from the Gulf stream causing us to be deluged and the rest of Europe to be suffering intense heat, of course.

Schools fairly near us had to be evacuated on Friday due to severe flash floods; much of Gloucestershire, Hereford and Worcester is badly affected by flooding. video of the flood damage can be found here.
The glorious riverside Abbey town of Tewkesbury, is almost completely flooded, and there are more flood warnings for those near the River Severn and the Wye.

There has been widespread damage to homes, towns and farm crops, and tankers are having to supply water to some areas.

Utterly unbelievable that this is happening in July.

Here at Blogsville we have been very fortunate indeed not to have suffered damage; only one country lane has been closed due to a small amount of flooding.

Lord have mercy on us all.
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