Friday, June 29, 2007

Orthodox Roundup

Welcome back !

I have been really interested to read Katherine`s thoughts on curriculum planning for her home-schooling. Although we don`t homeschool, her resources are fantastic and I love her ideas.Can we home church the way it is possible to homeschool ? Thoughts on teaching the children the Faith within the liturgical year are here.
The prayers she intends her little ones to learn, understand and memorise this year are here, and a truly wonderful unit on the 12 Saints of North America is here. I will certainly be returning to these frequently for our use at home this summer........

HamdmaidLeah has provided two superb articles; one is the life of St Matrona of Russia, of whom I had never heard, I am ashamed to say, and am in awe at her amazing life, and the other is an interview with Igumena Varvara , the abbess of All Russia, about her life in monasticism.

The experiences of singing at the Russian reunification services is described vividly in these articles one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine . It must have been amazing to be there.

I especially loved this article about how to acquire the spirit of peace

and the article about Slurpees as fasting food :-)

Molly talks about persecution and opening our hearts, and the sacrifices it entails here. Be warned, it made me cry.......
The new Optina martyrs are described here

Why is love so difficult ? asks Fr Stephen, and talks about how to learn to know God.
I partiularly loved the bit about not reading more hours in the day than we spend praying :-)

Learn more about the Martyrs of the Boxer Rebellion in China here. Fr Elias Wen, oldest orthodox priest in the world has reposed. May his memory be eternal

James from Paradosis writes eloquently, as always, about the Saints of North America, the Orthodox slain in Russia, and about how our frenetic modern lives could lead us to an MTV type lifestyle if we do not take care to cultivate some patience, peace and tranquility of heart.

Liturgical use of English in ethnocentric parishes is the topic of discussion here.

Can you make a conncetion between St John the Baptist and The Sound of Music ? Can you ?
There is one, believe it or not :-) Go here to the RC Westminster Cathedral administrator`s site to find out how.....

Oh, and by the way, the Turkish government has decided that Patriarch Bartholomew is only leader of 3,000 Christians in turkey and is not the Ecumenical Patriarch. So try telling that to the Orthodox churches :-)
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Meg said...

I have greatly enjoyed Boulia's blog, on the subject of the Act of Reconciliation. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Summer School of Liturgical Music some years ago -- lovely girl, who shines with both her Faith and her heritage.

As for the Turks -- they need a reality check. However, I feel constrained to point out that the Ecumenical Patriarch is not "the spiritual leader of the world's 300,000 million Orthodox," as he is so often dubbed by the media: He is *a* Patriarch among many. He gets to call councils when they are needed, he is the de facto Patriarch of parishes that have no other Patriarch, and he has other duties of which I'm not aware; but, for example, he is not the "leader" of the Russian Orthodox, the Serbian Orthodox, the Antiochian Orthodox, or any of those jurisdictions that have their own Patriarch.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Hi Meg
your comments about the EP are of course completely accurate, but he does tend to be the only Orthodox patriarch who "steps up to the plate" on many social/political issues, whether that is for good or ill, I don`t know :-0

But he is in spiritual authority on the Holy Mountain, as well as the Orthodox Christians in Turkey itself, the Turkish Govt is still wrong , LOL.