Monday, June 04, 2007

Orthodox Roundup

Having drawn a huge sigh of relief that family birthday season is over until September, it must be past time for a Round-up :-)

The major news is of course the re-unification between Rocor and the Moscow Patriarchate. Fr John Whiteford was there in Moscow, and has even provided a travel journal with wonderful photographs of the various churches and pilgrimage centres he managed to visit in an amazingly short space of time here
and here
and here
and here
and finally here.

Seraphim talks about the meaning of the Sunday of All Saints, and how we are not born saints but have to work hard at it.

How missionary Orthodoxy can successfully be brought to pagan cultures is exemplified by the great Russian enlightener Saints of Alaska and whose example is totally relevant to witnessing to 21st century pagans, as discussed here by Justin. The Alaskan theme continues in the wonderful story of the Life of Blessed Matushka Olga.

Alana talks about how the Feast of the Ascension leaves her feeling Lonely and Bereft

At the ever-interesting Orrologion are a whole slew of treats, including a list of where major saints` relics can be found and how Cyprus is aiming to attract religious pilgrims and tourists by publicising their historic churches and relics.

For those of you who love to collect links, the Great Book of Needs is now online for perusal, as is the Euchologion

In an interesting twist of events, S-P over at Pithless Thoughts was almost arrested for talking to a woman considering an abortion and Life with a little one is pondered lovingly by Molly, and how it allows us the chance to be still and reflect.

Fr Stephen talks about loving our enemies, with the sober realisation that probably almost everyone is our enemy....go read ! and also about how by being united to Christ, we are united to the Mother of God, the saints and the whole company of Heaven.

The Apostles`Fast and its "intrusion" into a Western Summer lifestyle is analysed nicely here, and how we have to adapt to Orthodoxy, not Orthodoxy to us......

Till next time !
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