Monday, June 18, 2007

Opera Rules

No. not the browser !

Paul Potts, the hopeful opera singer, won Britain`s got Talent competition last night. And yes, I did phone to vote for him :-)
All the finalists were very good in their own fields, especially the Bar Wizards and the ventriloquist, but Paul touched my heart with his singing and his unassuming manner.

According to Simon Cowell, Paul will be in the studios this week recording his debut album, so something is in the wind.......

Here are his three performances, if you have missed them. Enjoy !!

The first:

The second:

His performance in the final:
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Knancy said...

Thanks for posting the final. I searched everywhere last night for some video of it and couldn't find a thing! Please keep us Yanks updated on how he is doing.

Meg said...

What Knancy said. I am so thrilled to think that someone so "unassuming," as you said, could touch the hearts of the masses in the way that he did. Gives me hope for the cultural literacy of the world.

Dixie said...

I first found out about Paul from a post on Knancy's blog. I have never been much of an opera fan but I have to admit, not only does Paul bring a voice to the music but the emotion that goes with it. I have watched his audition video so many times...I didn't just hear him sing...I felt him sing. I am so happy that this man may be given an opportunity to sing instead of sell mobile phones.

And thank you for posting the rest of the videos. Both of the newer ones have been treats as well.

When his first CD comes out...I am gonna buy it!