Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Opera Rules part 2

Sorry _ Error correction- Paul is singing on NBC tomorrow - THURSDAY - not Friday.

Paul Potts has now been signed up by Simon Cowell in a 1 million pound multi-album record deal covering the US and UK.

Paul flies out to the USA today, and is scheduled to sing on the NBC "Today" show on Friday as well as in the Rockefeller Plaza.

In a quite amazing piece of synchronicity, Paul Potts lives in the same terraced street in Port Talbot as one of my beloved step-father`s adult grandchildren ! All Paul`s neighbours are amazed; no-one had any idea he had such an incredible voice........
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Dixie said...

You know...I was thinking he is 30,000 Pounds in debt (hey...doesn't the UK use Euros?) and he won 100,000 pounds. But knowing taxes in the UK are outrageous...I wondered if he'd have any money left over to live on. It's good to know these opportunities are coming for him.

Meg said...

"No one had any idea he had such an incredible voice..." They know now. Thanks to your posting all the airings of got Talent, I was able to see the second show, where Mr. Potts was talking about how his voice had always been his great consolation. I think that's true for most folks who sing; I'm at my truest self when singing in church. That was a comment that really resonated with me.

I noticed, in one of his appearances, that he wears a wedding ring. I wonder how *Mrs.* Potts is taking all of this!

Dave said...


No, the UK does not use Euros! The monetary union is not the same thing as the EU. The UK, Sweden, and Denmark are older members of the EU that have not adopted the Euro. Other EU countries which do not use the Euro include the Baltic States, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

If he pays the same in taxes as if the £100,000 is a salary, Paul Potts will take home about £64,466 after income tax and national insurance. That would leave him over £35,000 to live on. The average UK salary results in a take home of about £18,000.

Biby Cletus said...
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