Saturday, June 09, 2007

Head Count

The house seems uncannily quiet.

DD1&2 are staying with my mother tonight, as they do most Saturdays. They love my mother`s company and she loves theirs.

I am glad; she is not in the best of health, and they all have a wonderful time together. The girls are building wonderful memories of her for the rest of their lives.

I look forward to when the younger ones are older and can get to know her in the same way and look after her the way their elder sisters do.

DD3 is also absent.
Many of her schoolfriends and one of her teachers belong to a Baptist Chapel youth club, and she goes to the once monthly meetings. Tonight is a sleepover at the Chapel, followed by breakfast and family service. She was desperate to go, and will be one of the youngest ones there. Her best friend from school will be there too, so we have let her go.

Although she has slept over at friends` houses, this is the first time she will have been in a group setting.Boys and girls will be sleeping in separate building ( Chapel and Hall) with very good adult supervision, and I know she will have a great time, but our home seems so quiet without her.

I shall be glad when we pick her up in the morning after breakfast. Sadly, I doubt we will get to Liturgy tomorrow, as mother-in-law`s central heating/hot water system has developed major problems, and DH has arranged to meet a plumber friend of ours at 10 am tomorrow to try to get it sorted out for her.

I miss DD3 very much and she has only been gone an hour :-(
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DebD said...

We have a quiet house around here too. Enjoy the peace. I hope dd3 does well on her first big overnighter.

Meg said...

When our daughter got married, it felt like we lost four kids at once -- that's how lively she is. You have my sympathies.

Funny how we complain of never having a moment to ourselves, and then, when that moment comes, all we want is the noise and bustle that reminds us that yes, we really are still alive.