Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Two encounters have made me ponder recently.

Last week, when I was walking DD3 & 4 home from school, we walked past one house with a low garden wall. There was a young lad in the garden aged about 10. As we walked past, he picked up a handful of pebble chippings form his garden and tossed them over the wall at the girls. One just missed hitting Helen`s head, the other hit Abby`s thigh and she started to cry.

I did call out to the boy that what he had done wasn`t very nice, and walked on a bit further out of range.

Helen was outraged, Abby distressed. The stone had left a red mark on her. I was tempted to walk on home , then I wondered what would happen if I ignored it and he threw more stones at even younger children. I would certainly feel responsible.

So, gritting my teeth and screwing up my courage to the max, because I hate confrontations, I walked back to the boy, who ducked behind the garden wall and hid from me. I opened the gate, and called him. I asked if his parents were home. He said that no, they were away on holiday and grinned.

I retorted that I thought it was very unlikely that he had been left alone at home, and was there a grown-up there looking after him ? He replied that his gran was there. I asked him would he mind getting her so I could speak with her.
He did so, and an elderly lady slowly made her way, leaning heavily on a walking stick, to the door.

I felt awful at disturbing her, but I said very politely that perhaps her grandson didn`t realise just how dangerous it was to throw handfuls of stones over the wall as he could hit someone and hurt them badly. She just nodded and went back inside, taking the boy with her.

He has not been in evidence in the garden on his own since, and we walk past that house twice a day..... but this child seemed to have no concern that he could hurt someone by what he was doing, which I find truly frightening. Neither did he make any attempt to apologise for what he had done.

Encounter number two was this morning.

Two gentlemen holding Bibles knocked at my door. Mentally I prepared my spiel for politely getting rid of JW missionaries.

As I was closing the door , the elderly gentleman asked if I had noticed the ants walking along the boundary wall into next door ? I said I had, somewhat puzzled, and he asked if I had a bible in the house. I said I did, and he said would I please read and see what Proverbs 6 had to say.

I have walked past these ants at least four times a day for weeks. How come I never saw this a s a lesson, whereas this elderly gentleman had visited for the first time and saw a Christian lesson there.

I have read the chapter. All of it was "a profitable word" for my soul.

I was ashamed of myself. Especially as I had "got rid" of them rather hastily simply because there was a programme on the TV that I was watching.
What a crap excuse to brush off well-intentioned Christian folk (they were not JW, BTW).

May God bless them and may He make me more humble and open-minded.

I am **such** a schmuck sometimes......
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Renee said...

well, you know, we are ALL schmucks sometimes. Thus the refrain "Lord have mercy!"