Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alleged Nun-murderers Captured

You may remember that some time ago, I mentioned the brutal murder of two elderly Greek nuns as their convent was being ransacked.
According to a Greek newspaper,

"Two men have been arrested on suspicion of killing a pair of nuns at a convent in the eastern Peloponnese just under two months ago, police said yesterday, adding that a third suspect has fled to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

The two suspects, one Greek and another from FYROM, and their accomplice, also from FYROM, allegedly broke into the 17th century Astrocostas Convent near the town of Astros in April and killed the nuns, aged 86 and 83, by suffocating them with pillows.

They then stole some 20,000 euros and $3,000 in cash, 21 gold sovereigns, icon offerings and a valuable cross.

Police said that the two men in their custody had confessed to the crime and admitted selling the valuables in Monastiraki market in Athens and in FYROM.

Police said they had also arrested a third man, believed to be a friend of the Greek suspect, after some of the gold offerings were found in his possession.

Officers did not give any more information about the suspects."

and some of the goods stolen have been recovered from antique shops in Athens.

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