Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wash Day Blues

I thought my washing machine had broken down today - the cycle had stopped mid-flow, the drum was partly filled with water and it wouldn`t spin.

After I had finished shrieking with despair, I dug up the paperwork and found we had indeed paid for a 5 year full warranty on it. Just as I was about to phone Argos and plead with them to fix it, I heard the little voice saying to go look at the manual....

When this problem happened with my old machine, it was because the brushes needed replacing, but with this particular machine, if the filter is blocked, it won`t drain and therefore is automatically prevented from spinning .

I found where the filter was (no, I hadn`t cleaned it in 3 years. Apparently it should be done every month - blush!) and cleaned it out, after mopping up a torrent of water (and the flood was *after* I had baled most of the water form the drum with a mug!) from the floor.

Needless to say, once the filter was unclogged, it is working perfectly again, much to my relief.
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Meg said...

OH, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I think it was two years ago that the motor went on my washer, and a new motor had to be ordered. Fortunately for us, the thing was still under warranty, so we didn't have to pay a cent; but it took a week for the motor to get in, and I was reduced to using the local laundry-mat for all of that week. Ewww.

We do get so dependent on our modern toys, don't we? ;-)

Mimi said...

Yay! Whohoooo for an easy fix.

Philippa said...

I could hear that shreik all the way over here in the States Elizabeth! I totally understand! Glad it was an easy and no cost fix.

Ian said...

Hoorah for the fix. Good news.