Friday, May 25, 2007


The washing machine continues to work well, thanks be to God !

Although we saw the film crew vans for the "Torchwood" filming, the crew and stars were actually right at the other end of the dunes system, several miles away and it would have taken ages for us to walk over.We could see them as blobs in the distance.
It was worth a try anyway :-)

The dreaded house move spectre has reared its ugly head again; several nice properties have come on the market within our price range, so we are waiting on a valuation on our house next week before we decide whether or not we will think about selling and moving.

To be honest, the very thought makes me feel nauseous - if you could only see the amount of stuff we have ! To pack it all up will be a nightmare, yet we will not get rid of my F-I-L`s specilist book collection for its immense sentimental attachments, and I have pruned my own book collection back to the bone already.

We do have far too much stuff, yet I refuse to part with all my family history research and all my family photos. We are a family of hoarders, sadly.

Today I had a great treat; I was invited by DD 3&4`s head teacher to take part in their sponsored bedtime story reading as part of the "Read a million words in Wales" campaign. So the children and I went to school this morning clad in pyjamas ! I was assigned to read to the Nursery class and then to Year One.

I had a great time, and the children seemed to enjoy themselves. There were three other guest readers, as well as the main staff.
After an hour of non-stop reading and sound effects, my voice has gone to a whisper .....

Next week is our half-term holiday, and Dd3`s birthday part closely followed by my mum`s birthday - not a hope of it being a quiet week :-)
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Mimi said...

Prayers for a quiet and productive holiday!

And, yay on the washing machine.

Meg said...

And UGH on the prospect of moving! We have moved eight times in our marriage. The last time was 21 years ago. I am not looking forward to the time when we will have to move again, probably to some kind of retirement community (ewww, but garden upkeep is getting beyond both of us).

Nice that your daughters didn't mind your presence at school. Some kids do. And great that you had a good time!

DebD said...

Oh moving - I can't imagine the thought. I'm not a hoarder but there's still a constant battle with clutter. We're hoping to get to the garage this weekend.

Sorry you didn't get any autographs. My oldest dd thought the prospect was too cool.

Darrell's End Times said...

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