Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Plea For Prayer

16th May UPDATE
There is now an official website for the search for little Maddy. It is now believed that if alive, she may have been taken out of Portugal and could be *anywhere* in Europe.
Please can everyone be vigilant.
Maddy has a distinctive eye defect called a coloboma, it is something which cannot be altered, even if her hair has been cut or dyed to try to alter her appearance.

Full details and a picture of her affected eye here

Philippa asked for more news....sadly, there is still no further real information.

Portuguese police have massively scaled down the ground foot search for her, and are following up some old scanty leads and CCTV footage from a nearby petrol station.

There has been a huge public response, and several businessman have made substantial sums of money available in rewards for information leading to her finding.

2.5 million UK pounds is a substantial bait which has had no bites so far, which does lead one to sadly think the worst may have happened.
British police have become involved in helping, and apparently special facial recognition software is being used to scan known paedophile internet sites to see if any footage of this poor little girl has been made availbale on the web for vile purposes.

Lord have mercy.

Original Post
This sweet little girl should be celebrating her fourth birthday with her parents, and her brother and sister.
Instead, little Madeleine McCann is missing in Portugal, abducted whilst on holiday.

Please, please, please, PRAY for this little girl and her family. Please God she will be found alive and unharmed.
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Ian said...

Prayers ascending from Down Under.

Lord, have mercy.

Philippa said...

Any news on this Elizabeth? I couldn't find anything myself.