Monday, May 14, 2007

Orthodox Roundup

I know, it`s been a while :-)

Feast your eyes on a lovely icon ! The talented Byzantine Catholic blogger MaryPoppinsNOT has posted photos of her wonderful new icon here and also made a marvellous post on the joys of being open to new life from God

Icons and truth are also a theme in this post by Fr Stephen.

Fr John Parker writes eloquently on the bizarre aspects of being a priest asked to lead public prayer yet having to be so utterly inclusive as to be unable to actually pray within one`s particular tradition as a result. How he resolved this is here.

Fr John also writes about how and why the Orthodox can - and do- ! bless everything here

Fr Peter has a new podcast series available :-)

Alana over at Morning Coffee stopped me dead in my tracks when she blogged about showing mercy and justice in a family setting, and made me realise how far short I fall in my own home.Thank you Alana, and may God richly bless you and yours ! James at Paradosis also picks up on a related theme, that parenting requires humility.
Molly Sabourin also has her point of view on the perils and pitfalls of parenting !

Fr Stephen produced three posts on Orthodoxy and Family issues, here, here, and here, which I found very valuable. His post detailing two experiences of Pascha in the 1920s in Russian are heartbreakingly moving.

Over at Orrologion there are quite a few posts of special interest, especially dealing with the veneration of the Saints
and why it can be hard to deal with the fact that the Church is not for perfect people, but a place for people to BE perfected, and how we can deal with this paradox.

The upcoming reunification of ROCOR with the Moscow Patriarchate has produced a great deal of blogging heat and light, but one of the best posts has to be the one that includes a heartfelt message from Fr Pimen of the Old Believer parish in Erie as to why it is in fact a GOOD THING .

An Orthodox prayer which often causes Protestant eyebrows to zoom into the stratosphere , and its reasons is well worth a read here. The comments are particularly insightful.

How the Mormon faith would re-write the Nicene Creed is well worth reading, as it details so clearly why it is most definitely not a Christian church in any sense of the word. It is good to clearly understand what others believe and Grace has done a grand job with this.

Dave Holford comments upon the increasing problem of drunken youths in the UK, and how new legislation could, if pushed to its extreme, make it illegal for our children to receive the Divine Mysteries in church. Dave also blogs about the esteemed St Edelienta
and about how even Protestantism is guilty of its own little papacies

Dixie`s spiritual father gives valuable insight about choices.

S-p, who writes some of the most thoughtful, insightful material that I have ever read has posted his excellent article on the difficulties of people who have same-sex attractions within the Orthodox church and within society.

Until next time, dear friends - God bless !
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