Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Went to town as soon as I dropped the girls at school.

As part of the "Read a million words in Wales" literacy campaign, the school is doing a sponsored Bedtime story day on Friday and the children have to go wearing bed attire.
I`m not happy about them wearing long nightdresses, for safety reasons at playtime, so I have been shopping for suitable clothes.

DD4 was easy - she now has girlie Scooby Doo PJ`s but DD3 is a very well-grown almost 9 year old who does not want to be teased by the boys for wearing Winnie the Pooh or Tinkerbell or Bratz PJ`s, which were the only things available in her size here in Blogsville.
So I will have to travel to Blogtown tomorrow, which I am not looking forward to.

Also been to Mum`s to sort out paperwork for her.

She is having a lot of problems with her eyes and is having difficulty reading small print, so it was only the work of ten minutes to sort out what was needed and make the necessary phone calls, but she simply couldn`t do it on her own.
We had lunch together, then I walked home (about 45 minutes brisk walk) to see to Basil the delinquent dog.

My M-I-L phoned to say that the BBC film crews are over the beach filming for the new series of Torchwood (the adult spin-off from Dr Who).
Although my young ones have never seen a single episode of Torchwood, due to very adult content, they are fans of Captain Jack from his Dr Who appearances, so if the crew are still there when the girls come home, we will see if we can get autographs/photographs :-)

I`ll let you know how we get on.....
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Nancy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Lovely blog! I've added it to my blogroll. It seems we have much in common including being mothers of four (2 boys and 2 girls for me). Feel free to email me sometime at knancyknitsatblogspotdotcom

DebD said...

Oooohh, I hope the girls get the autographs. Sounds very cool.