Sunday, May 20, 2007

21 Today !

Not me, of course, but my dearest first-born, the wonderful and irrepressible DoomHamster.

She has been a delight and a blessing to me since the day she was born, and needless to say, I love her very much.

We had a family party for her yesterday, and she has gone to stay overnight at my mum`s with DD2 before coming back today to see friends and other family members.

Have a great day DH, and God grant you MANY YEARS !!!!!!
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Anonymous said...

Many, many years DH!

DebD said...

Happy Birthday and Many years to your dd.

Meg said...

What Ian said.

Also took the liberty of clicking on the link to DH's site, and I see she's training to be a legal secretary. Having been a secretary for 40 years now, I am thrilled beyond description to see that someone of a *much* younger generation is going into my profession -- a profession, I might add, that brought me much knowledge and a *lot* of fun. Best of luck to you, DH!

Mimi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Many Years!

Dave said...

A belated wish of Many Years the Hamster of Doom.