Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The weather here continues **absolutely glorious**.

We are now on our third week of sunshine and some real warmth; my beloved tortoise from my childhood has surfaced from his long winter`s sleep and is busy trundling around the garden in search of his favoured food, dandelions, which we have in abundance :-)

I have a load of washing blowing dry on the washing line, there is some blossom on our plum tree and our pink fuschia is in flower.
What joy to see beauty in my little garden.

Apparently, however, the weather is due to change and there has been some unsubstantiated rumour of rain by the weekend.

Oh well, it has been lovely while it lasted !
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DebD said...

I sure hope that great weather turns around and comes back across the Atlantic. Its been rather yucky here.

Mimi said...

It sounds so lovely.

And, turtles like dandelions? How awesome is that? We definitely have a lot of turtle food in our yard.

Meg said...

Oh, lucky you -- we have had rain and snow all week, and it's not due to break till Friday. I am SO TIRED of being cold and wet....

Athanasia said...

Oh Elizabeth, it sounds so delicious at your house. Like Meg I am tired of being cold and wet. I ask myself, "Will I ever be warm?" and them immediately think of those who have suffered in concentration camps or gulags and such and I shut right up.

Say hello to Mr. Turtle. Does he have a name?