Friday, April 27, 2007

Orthodox Roundup

It`s that time again already :-)

Last issue, I forgot to mention some wonderful Lenten and Paschal snippets from our Byzantine Catholic friend, MaryPoppinsNOT , over at Crazy Acres. In this one, she compares the Great Canon to labour, as all our female readers who have given birth will empathise :-)
I absolutely adored her Bright Week idea of a bonfire accompanied by food and the celebration of an Akathist ! And her experiences of running an icon painting workshop are fascinating.

Another late update from post-Pascha is this interesting post about Radonitsa, the Ancestors` Remembrance Tuesday after St Thomas` Sunday and a discussion about why we pray for the reposed.

The life of Blessed Matrona of Moscow is related here, and the wise words of Fr John Krestiankin about marriage are quoted here

2007 marks the 1600th anniversary of the repose of St John Chrysostom !

Which is the coolest town in Europe ? Go here to find out !

James from Paradosis provided me with the coolest picture ever - the Great Blessing of an Ice Rink for the World Ice Hockey Championships !

His wife Sophia blogs about the beginning of their farm industries and the reason for their choice of name here.

The heartbreaking events of Virginia Tech are discussed movingly by S-P over at Pithless Thoughts and by Fr Peter, who discusses the heroic actions of a Jewish Holocaust Survivor who protected his students though it cost him his life, and of Fr Peter`s own counselling work at the campus after the tragedy......

The Violent Munkee had an amazing insight whilst listening to the Orthodox funeral of Boris Yeltsin and Michael over at Sarisburium ponders on the meaning of Silence in our lives as described in the Rule of St Benedict.

St Seraphim`s advice on how to pray when time is short is discussed by Fr Stephen, who also tells us why monastics are vitally important in the modern world. St Silouan`s admiration for the wisdom, piety and integrity of his father is a highly profitable read.

The amazing spiritual advice of Bishop Kallistos of Denver bears very close reading , and I will certainly be coming back to this repeatedly.

If you have young ones, they will most likely love this, where you can watch and listen to the author reading aloud the story she wrote about the miracle worked for her grandmother by St Kendeas !

I think that`s about all for now, folks !
Till next time........
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