Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More On St George`s Day

Another snippet- April 23rd is also Shakespeare`s death-day.

Apparently Will Shakespeare was 46 years old the year the King James Version of the Bible was published.

There is a neat mystery entailed :-
Open your KJV of the Bible and look for Psalm 46

Count 46 words from the beginning. The word is 'shake'.

Count 46 words from the end (do not include the word 'selah' which is an arcane Hebrew rubric and no, I don`t know what it means but I intend to find out!).

Lo and behold, that word is .....................'spear.'

How coincidental is that ?

H/T to RC blog Standing On My head

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1 comment:

DebD said...

That is pretty cool. I thought Shakespeare was also born on April 23rd.