Monday, April 16, 2007

Holy Feud Stinks

Quite literally !
There was a major feud amongst denominations of monks sharing the Holy Shrine in Jerusalem just before Pascha, over toilets of all thing.......

Michael, I know exactly what you mean. I too felt so very sad when I read this.

Christ showed such love and compassion to those around Him, yet we who call ourselves His followers can sometimes show such contempt for other people, seeming to forget that all are made in the Image of God and are loved by Him.........
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Michael said...

I read the first half of that article and found it rather upsetting, to be honest. I think of the inexpressible joy that overflowed at the celebration of the Lord's Resurrection at our little-known, humble place in Birkenhead, and then I read this article, and it makes me think that I would much rather celebrate Pascha every year in our basement chapel than amidst the feuding faithful in Jerusalem.

I hope that doesn't sound like pride. It's meant to be more of an expression of dismay.