Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Changing Plans

Today, the young ones went back to school. Although I knew I was going to miss them, I was planning to do loads of things that I wanted to do and needed peace and quiet to do.

Real life got in the way, as it mercifully has a habit of doing :-)

My mother has very severe asthma, and yesterday was started on antibiotics by her doctor for a chest infection . She needed shopping and was definitely not well enough to go herself, so I offered to run her errands and take the shopping to her home.

I took the girls to school, walked home, took the dog for a walk, got a bus to town, then did mum`s shopping (included flowers for the next door neighbour, whose father died on Sunday evening), caught another bus to her house, sorted out some paperwork and business for her, had lunch with her, washed the dishes and caught two buses home before walking down to pick the children up from school and walk them home again.

So, I was able to help my mother, sort out things that she would have found difficult, saved her a difficult and physically exhausting shopping trip, kept her company for a few hours, showed her how to use her laptop to surf the Internet, got her flowers so she could give her neighbour as a sign of her sympathy, and catch up on some news.

I may have been out of pocket financially, but I was enriched so much more by spending time, helping out and giving pleasure.

At home I would have done some housework ( well, the housework will still be there tomorrow, next week and next year !), surfed the Net (that too will always be there tomorrow !) and generally just indulged my own selfishness.

Instead I had to get off my backside and do something positive and tangible, which was much more beneficial for me and for my beloved mother.
It did me the world of good !
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1 comment:

Meg said...

Good heavens, what a day! But I know you will be richly blessed for your unselfishness, and when the inevitable day comes that separates you from your mother, you will at least have no regrets about how you spent your time. So many people do.