Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Birth and Death

One of the kindest and most loving things came to my attention today.

There is a group of photographers who freely donate their time and skills to helping families who have endured the stillbirth or death of an infant.

They go to hospitals where these babies are dying or have just died, and take loads of photographs of the baby and of his /her family, so the families have a tangible keepsake of the short but precious life of their child.

What an amazing act of love and charity, to help these families. One family helped in this way can be found here, with wonderful yet such sad photographs..........
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Meg said...

Thank you for posting this, as well as the link to the site. I can't think of anything more compassionate. God bless these people.

Margi (juliansdaughter) said...

A photograph of a neonate is one thing but a photograph of someone who was dead for 24 hours in a moist, warm womb is another. Wouldn't it be so much nicer and healthier if those poor bereaved girls went home from hospital knowing their babies real and beautiful faces were delighting the eyes of God rather than clutching a photograph of a blotched dressed up corpse? At least little Edison was accorded the dignity of being wrapped in a shawl and taken in B&W. Some of those children are dressed up like chimps in full colour and the resulting pictures are just heartrending in their lack of dignity. Perhaps what God did not intend to be seen should remain hidden.