Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bird Watching

I love watching birds anyway, but I have been very assiduously watching a particular baby blackbird in my garden.

This little one had fallen out of its nest about five days ago, and I saw him sitting on the children`s swing seat in the garden. He didn`t move, not even when I saw next door`s ginger tomcat stalking him. I leapt from the computer chair, frothing at the mouth and uttering strange oaths (in fact, I yelled something along the lines of "Not on my watch, you ginger illegitimate offspring!"), opened the back door and shooed the cat away before I walked right up to Baby bird.

He was a very little baby, with barely grown feathers, certainly not enough to fly properly with. I could hear the frantic calling of his mother , who was in a tree at the bottom of the garden, so I retreated, left them to it and kept watch to make sure next door`s cat didn`t come back.
Mother bird kept collecting worms, coming back to the garden and feeding the baby, who was hiding behind the compost bin, out of harm`s way.

He has continued to grow and thrive, and is now able to fly up into the apple tree in our garden as his feathers have grown longer and his wings stronger. He is hopefully much less vulnerable now, though his mother is watching him all the time, and she doesn`t leave the garden.

It has been a joy to see him grow, and his mother`s care for him.

The enormity of how much more God loves us is amazing. Most of us would do anything, even lay down our lives to protect our children. God did much more than that for us.

Christ is Risen !
He is Risen indeed !
Alleluia !!
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Renee said...

Ah, this is why I love the great outdoors. God the Creator is reflected in all His glory and Love.