Monday, April 30, 2007

Bath Time

Not a reflection on my personal hygiene, but descriptive of my long-awaited girls` day out with some cyberfriends in Bath !

I have been away on my own !
For the first time in seven years without the children, for a whole 16 hours :-)
It was so nice not to have to be constantly listening out for cries of "Mum!", and it was equally wonderful to come home to my little ones at the end of the day !
Did any of you see the TV show "Regency House Party" from four years ago ? Where they sent a load of young men and women to live an authentic Regency period summer in an authentic Regency period Country House ?

The producing TV channel set up a forum, which , when they closed it after about 18 months or so, was still going strong, so we decided to set up our very own Forum which would not be at the vagaries and whims of a TV Channel.

We continue to flourish, and one of the members invited us all to a Regency House party weekend at her home in Bath. I opted just to go for the day, as I am a bit of a home bird at the best of times, and these were all friends whom I had also never ever seen in the flesh :-)

I felt a whole weekend would be rather overwhelming.........for me and them !
I arrived at Rosie`s amazing house in Bath at 9 am yesterday. Rosie was one of the chaperones on the TV show.

She bought a gorgeous Georgian house just outside the busy centre of Bath, but within easy walking distance of the shops :-)

It is truly amazing and she has restored it to its full glory, with plaster mouldings and cornices, and the original stone floors. This veritable and enormous palace has no less than *six * storeys - needless to say, there are chairs on every landing so that those housed "in the gods" can catch their breath on the ascent....LOL.
It is much bigger than the Museum House at No 1 Royal Crescent.

We had a grand day out , her Italian housekeeper did us proud on the food front, and I was pooped by the time I got home at 09-45ish Saturday night, but replete with wonderful memories ;-)
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