Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Death In The Family

We have just had news that my much-loved Great Aunt Rose died late this afternoon.
My mother is taking it very hard, as Aunt Rose was with my grandmother whilst she was in labour with my mother, had seen my mother being born and Rose had remained very close to my mother throughout her life.

Her death was expected, following complications after surgery , but we are grieving nonetheless.
Hopefully we will know tomorrow exactly when the funeral will take place.

It is the end of an era, as Rose was the last sibling of my grandfather`s generation left alive....

May her Memory be Eternal !
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Meg said...

(((((Elizabeth))))), I am so sorry to read this. May her memory be eternal, and "may angels sing her to her rest"!

Anonymous said...

Memory Eternal!

Prayers for you and the family.

Mimi said...

Memory Eternal indeed. And, hugs to you and your family.

Dave said...

Memory eternal!