Thursday, March 22, 2007


DD4 developed yet another serious dental abscess late on Sunday night and had an almost impossibly swollen little face and quite horrifying amount of pain by Monday lunchtime.

Our GP prescribed large quantities of antibiotics and even prepared and printed an emergency hospital admission letter for us if her condition deteriorated overnight.

She was booked in to see the dentist on Tuesday morning.
The Consultant at the Dental Hospital was on standby if things took a turn for the worse, but luckily, our brilliant dentist was able to drill right through the tooth and probe up until he was able to open a drainage route for the pus to track back down and out rather than into the soft tissues of her face.

She has continued to make good progress, Glory to God, and the swelling has almost completely resolved now, as has most of the pain.

She goes back to the dentist tomorrow for further drainage and work on the affected tooth. Removal will only be the absolute last resort as this is one of her critically important remaining milk teeth.

The joys of abnormal tooth development :-(
Poor little mite. She has been incredibly brave throughout all this, and we are profoundly thankful that our dentist was able to avert a 5 day stay in hospital on IV antibiotics, which is what happened two years ago.
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Laura said...

Lord have mercy! We'll keep her in our prayers!

DebD said...

Oh poor little thing. She has had so much trouble with her teeth. I sure hope it comes to an end soon.

I'll keep her in my prayers

magda said...

Praying from over here, too.

The Traditional Frog said...

Prayers for DD4!

Mimi said...

Poor baby. She has my prayers.

Ian said...

Prayers ascending from Down Under for DD4.

Abouna said...

I know what she was going through, I spent years getting one abcess after another. Three years ago I solved the problem, I had my dentist pull every last tooth. No more abcesses and no more severe sinus headaches.