Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Prayer Books

One thing I never got round to blogging about in the mayhem that was last week, was that when I was packing my emergency bag in case DD4 was admitted to hospital, the first thing that was needful was my prayer book.

When she was admitted two years ago, I found my prayer book a huge comfort in the dark watches of the night, when I couldn`t sleep due to anxiety and the general noises of a busy hospital ward. One one memorable night I prayed all the Akathists, Canons and both Paracleses to the Theotokos.

The problem now ?
Since then, I have acquired a lot more prayer books ! Which one to choose ? Believe it or not, I spent about ten minutes cogitating over this. Packing clothes and toiletries for DD4 and I took all of a minute, but the prayer book question was a whole other ball game.

In the end I settled for the Holy Transfiguration Prayer book ( because it has Small Compline), plus the booklet of the Akathist to the Mother of God "Nurturer of Children" and a Sarum -rite (and almost wholly Orthodox compatible) Liturgy of the Hours type book called "Prime and Hours" as well as my Chotki. With that combination I figured that I had covered all my bases :-)

What one would you take under such circumstances ?
I am convinced I am turning into a Prayer book Junkie as I currently have 15 different ones and have just ordered a copy of the Old Believer Prayer book form the Erie parish......
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