Monday, March 26, 2007

Orthodox Roundup

What with one thing and another, it has been a while since I managed to produce a Roundup.

A cracking list of Orthodox saints who are particularly associated with helping in certain problems can be found here

Orthodoxy Today hosts an extremely good article on why we venerate the Holy Cross.
Fr John also provides a sermon on the same theme. See also why we need to climb this tree.....

A Western-Rite Orthodox vesperal service is provided by Michael at Sarisburium , which is particluarly moving.

An Orthodox -tweaked Authorised version of the Psalter is hosted at Orthodox England and will be most useful whilst we wait (some of us with much more patience than others, I`m sure !) for the long-anticipated complete Orthodox Bible.

A brief search at the Google books website unearthed this little treasure, being a Russian primer and Catechism

Deb provided much food for thought with her article about St Cyril of Jerusalem, about whom I previously knew nothing. May we all benefit from his holy prayers.

How those of us who live "in the world" can emulate the saints is pointed out by the examples of married saints Adrian and Natalie.

The search for clues to the past of an aging Orthodox monk are chronicled here. He might be known to one of you......

Christopher also posts about valuable audio resources

Where are you going with Jesus? - a touching post by James from Paradosis about his life.

I was mightily relieved to read Matt`s posts about his Lenten struggles. It`s not just me , then !

The deeper meaning and practicalities of almsgiving are described by Grace in an amazing and thought-provoking article.

Fr Stephen is, as always, an inspiration. Read about the Door of the Heart , and about reading the Bible

That`s about it folks !
Next Roundup will most likely be in Bright Week.
May the rest of Great Lent and Holy Week be blessed for us all.
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DebD said...

Great lineup as always.

I need to look back on some previous ones, as many were keepers and I didn't save the links!

Meg said...

I see that my first "friend" in Orthodoxy, St. Sergius of Radonezh, is listed as a good resource for "enlightenment of the mind and learning." I wanted to note that when my son, who has Asperger's Syndrome, was making the transition from grade school to middle school, I prayed especially to St. Sergius, who had such problems in learning to read (that wasn't Chris's problem, but he had definite educational disabilities). That year was one of his best school years ever.