Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Orthodox Roundup

Things have been quite busy chez moi, so I apologise for the erratic postings of The Roundup.

Have you ever wondered about learning Church Slavonic ? If so, I have found a great resource for doing just that !
Go here and find out almost everything you ever wanted to know....

I was intrigued to find out about St Phanourios and his quite amazing ability to help people to find things which they have lost. Fr Demetrios Serfes has an informative life about the Saint, and also the recipe for the traditional "thank-offering" to bring to Church when something you cherish has been found with the intercession of the Holy Saint.

In March we celebrated the repose of Papa Nicholas Planas, whose simple and remarkable life deserves to be much more widely known. I really wish I had been Orthodox when I visited Athens, for I would certainly have made a pilgrimage to his little Church.

March also sees the celebration of the life of the pre-Schism German St Walburga, whose life and shrine and myrrh-streaming relics are described in detail by another RC blogger, Fr Nicholas. It is even possible to ask the monastery for a small vial of the holy myrrh, diluted in water.

For those of us in Wales, March 1st is the day of celebrating our patron, David. This RC article provides some interesting details about his life and also some rather tasty traditional Welsh recipes !

A fantastic article about fasting can be found at Orrologion - it describes the full gamut of fasting and non-fasting, and just about every viewpoint inbetween. Well worth a read !
Alana gives some great Lebanese fasting recipes here .
Orthodox fasting is described well and at length in a newspaper. H/T to James at Paradosis.

Some great complete textbooks of immense Orthodox interest to chew over can be found here H/T to Orrologion.

Some extremely interesting Orthodox articles can be found here. I particularly commend this one about the prayer life of parent and child, and how they inter-relate.

St Catherine`s Church in Colorado has a great selection of Orthodox podcasts covering a vast range of topics of very contemporary interest !
I`m looking forward to listening to number 125, which covers John 3:13-17, Ambulances, Snakes, 9/11, and the Cross............

Seraphim writes movingly about the importance of community as we work towards salvation and theosis .

The controversy over the spurious claims about the alleged tomb of Jesus are covered well by Fr John Whiteford, and by James as well as the RC blogger Jimmy Akin .

Fr John blogs about the Sunday of Orthodoxy, and how our respect for icons should - and must- be carried over into our lives in the way we treat those around us.... a theme also emphasised by Fr Stephen

Grace provides much food for thought when she blogs about how we ought to read and meditate on scripture .

Physical and spiritual deep-cleaning , so appropriate for Great Lent, is described by Monica in Romania.

Fr Stephen writes compellingly about the Medicine of Immortality here .

Molly has moved me to tears on several occasions in her fantastic blog. Of particular note are her post on Mercy, her post on Persecution and the post on Peacemakers she describes from Ancient Faith Radio .

I hope you have enjoyed this Roundup, and have a blessed second half of Great Lent !
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