Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Learning Latin 2007

If anyone is interested in joining an online study group to learn Ecclesiastical Latin, one is starting in March.

The study text is Collins` A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin, which I bought last year and didn`t do much with, I`m afraid.

I think I will stretch my brain a little and give the task of refreshing my Latin a serious effort ...........

Full details here

This link appeared on a liturgical blog.
As far as learning Russian, try this one :-
http://www.masterrussian.com/ - it looks like a reasonable starting point.
I find it really hard if I try to read alternative alphabets, which put me off learning Greek too :-(
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Mimi said...

Wow! That sounds so great! Enjoy!

(I need to find something similar for Russian - where did you find that?)

Mimi said...

Oooh, thanks!

The Traditional Frog said...


I think it is great you want to bone up on Latin. It is a beautiful language. From my time in traditionalist Roman Catholic circles I have become knowledgeable in this area.

May you do well.