Monday, December 11, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

I imagine that I`m not the only one up to the eyes in busyness at the moment !

On Friday last week was the Christmas Fayre, and I was shanghaied into helping.
Being a shy retiring type, I would possibly never have volunteered, but I had great time and would certainly do it next year. I had the toy stall and bric- a - brac, and took £47 , which was good considering most stuff was priced at 5p - 20p , LOL.

The cake stall was a great success, and this year was done in tribute to a little Muslim boy, only a year older than DD4, who died this summer. His mother and I always used to smile and say hello each morning, as we took the children to school.

The parents and the school are going to erect a big circular seat around one of the lovely trees in the playground, with a plaque in his memory, and they needed to get £350 to do so, and they did, through large numbers of people baking and donating cakes etc to the cake stall, plus those who kindly made donations .

We are all so pleased at the success, and that his extended family were there with us.

On Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon is DD4`s Nativity Play - proper non -PC one, complete with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus ,shepherds, wise men and the innkeeper. On Tuesday evening is DD3`s Christmas Concert, filled with Christmas carols, poems and drama.

I still have to buy Christmas cards :-)
Most presents have been ordered and the rest will be done today, I hope, barring disasters.
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Laura said...

Christmas cards! Ack...lately I wait and send them over the 12 days of Christmas...