Monday, November 20, 2006

So Near And Yet So Far !

Our new Broadband gizmo has arrived today, and DH the computer Whiz won`t be home till Weds evening.
I know if I start fiddling with the computer, it is likely to be the kiss of death for the poor machine, so I am trying to wait patiently and failing miserably.

Broadband is within my grasp and yet so far away.

Patience is not my greatest virtue.............
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Mimi said...

Our new computer was delivered while my Dh was away, so I know of what you speak. Come, Wednedsday, come!

Anonymous said...


I know what the waiting is like. I ordered my new PC on Saturday. Because it is a custom computer it will be built sometime between now and 28 November. So it may be two to three weeks until I see it!

Regarding broadboand, believe me the wait is worth it! I hope never to have to resort to dial up again.