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Orthodox Roundup 2

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The irrepressible but irregularly posting catechumen DoomHamster has put finger to keyboard to record her thoughts on attending her first Orthodox funeral

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Hi folks, and welcome to the Orthodox Roundup 2.

Apologies for it being late; this is due to our ISP managing to accidentally terminate our account one month before they were supposed to :-)

A Happy and Blessed Advent to you all !

In light of the Fast, I have to mention that Grace over at This Side Of Glory has a gorgeous post You Know You`re Orthodox If.......

Huw Raphael at Doxos has a great post about various hypothetical "brands" of Orthodoxy.
Well worth a read and a chuckle, but tinged with sadness at the fact that so many of these divisions do in fact exist. Sigh.

Father Stephen makes some wise observations about Preserving Peace Of Soul, from St Seraphim of Sarov. The Fast isn`t just about food; it is about turning our thoughts and hearts more fully to God. He also writes about where we pray
and about the immense wisdom of St Isaac of Syria as well as one of his first icon encounters.

Micahel at Sarisburium makes some pertinent comments about the feasability and indeed the advisability of creating a national British pan-Orthodox Church here , followed closely with his essay on Western-Rite Orthodoxy which debunks many popular misconceptions about the Western Rite. The common heritage of the Undivided Church is obvious when comparing some of the liturgical texts according to Ben Johnson.

Fr John Parker writes eloquently about Salvation and whether we know if we are saved.

Alana at Morning Coffee tells of planning Sunday school lessons, and how the Old Testament figures were able to have such a vibrant, living trusting relationship with God.

Fr John Whiteford has a great article about the life and work of Protopriest Seraphim Slobodskoy, author of the classic catechetical text, The Law Of God.

The Indiana list occasionally throws up some gems, one of which was a reference to a news article about the Staff and Vestments of Metropolitan Philaret of blessed memory being taken to Russia. There is also a video link here .

A solemn Requiem service was held in Moscow on the 11th November, commemorating the 185th anniversary of the birth of the great novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky; details can be read here . There are many other items of interest on the site !

Fr Peter gives news of a website devoted to the meeting of Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Benedict.

From Luz comes sad news indeed of the horrific death of a 14 year-old Christian Assyrian boy here. The Scrivener also details the horrors of being a Christian in Iraq at present.

Lord, have mercy.

The trials and tribulations of a neophyte Reader are vividly and hilariously detailed by James of Paradosis fame.

Subdeacon Seraphim writes a Cautionary Tale about the necessity for making your family and friends aware of your wishes relating to your funeral arrangements .
On a more mundane but also important level for those lef behind after a loved one dies, is a practical post about letting family know how to access your online data to sort out any necessary business after death here .

Dave Holford writes about almost-official British medical policy relating to killing disabled babies , closely followed by considered Anglican opinions about the same issue and also writes about the great Welsh saint, Dyfrig .

MaryPoppinsNOT, a Byzantine - Rite Catholic blogger describes what happened when she took a fast from blogging here ......... !

Deb volunteers a favourite article about Orthodoxy, Postmodernity and the emerging Church by Steve Hayes . Thanks Deb !

Next Issue of the Roundup should be in 2 weeks time. Any submissions will be thankfully received :-)
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Dave Holford said...

Thank you for the links. Unfortunately, my host has pulled the plug on me without notice so there is a (hopefully temporary) new link to David's Daily Diversions. My old host is holding my files hostage, so I don't have most of what I have written, except for a snapshot of my homepage, but I'll try to get those article back up ASAP.