Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Halloween Special - Orthodox Round-Up Number One

I was a little surprised that last night, we hadn`t had a single trick or treater visit our home by 7.15pm. I even said so to my DH when he phoned up from work.
No sooner had I put the phone down when there was a knock at the door, and there were two beautifully behaved and nicely costumed children.

We had two more visits in the next half-hour, and that was it.

I had said Vespers in the Icon corner, with the lampada lit, in deference to it being Western-Rite All Hallows Even.

For many non-Orthodox or even non-RC Christians, our concept of the Communion of Saints and the great cloud of Witnesses is hard to grasp. It seems entirely natural to me and to my children, who, young as they are, understand that our beloved dead are dead only in body and that they do most truly live and rejoice in Christ.

It is entirely appropriate that in the historic first millenial Orthodox tradition of Britain that All Saints`Day is so immediately followed by All Souls` day, when we can remember those who have gone to their rest before us and for us to pray for their souls.
May their Memories be Eternal, O Lord !

Fr Joseph has an interesting post on Halloween and asks why there aren`t Old Calendar Pagans.....

Remembering Vladika John was posted by Fr John Whiteford recently, and is an edifying read.

Seraphima at A Catechumen`s Walk blogs eloquently about the soul`s need for healing at the Spiritual Hospital.

From the Tundra Medicine Dreams blog comes a wonderful account of an Orthodox Alaskan Yupik village funeral as observed by a non-Orthodox. Sometimes it is very enlightening to see ourselves from the viewpoint of an outsider......

Deb provides a link to the Orthodox resources at YouTube. This could end up being a brilliant resource :-)

Please keep the nominations coming in !
Next Round-Up will most likely be in 2 weeks time.
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Mimi said...

I LOVE this idea, thanks!

DebD said...

thanks for sharing. I paricularly enjoyed the Orthodox funeral. Although, I will admit I caught my breath when she wrote the coffin was in the sanctuary! LOL.

Mimi said...

That's beautiful, the funeral post. Thank you.

Steve Hayes said...

Not only does the "Blog me" feature now work in Beta, but the "Create a link to this post" doers not work either.

I tried to create a link to this post but it kept telling me "Required field" - but all three fields were filled!

I hate Blogger Beta, and there's no way back!