Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Die Grosse Stille/ Into Great Silence - Coming Soon !

The film about La Grande Chartreuse Carthusian monastery which depicts the life of the monks, is now available on DVD for those of you who are familiar with Italian :-)

The RC Fr Tim Finigan describes how the film moved him here

I can`t wait.
I don`t want to wait.
I want it NOW !!

So I definitely need to wait for it to be released in an English version , LOL.

It will be shown in cinemas across the UK in Nov/Dec 2006.
I have contacted the company to ask if they have a DVD release date, but in the meantime, this link will take you to their company`s press release page .

Just imagine what a film like this about Mount Athos would be like ? I wish someone would do one for Orthodox monasticism......
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As do I.

And it is to be released later this year down here too...I'm checking the distributor's page daily for news!