Monday, November 13, 2006


This weekend we took the small fry to see Cars at the local cinema, as it was showing at the Kids Club, where one adult can go in free with each child ticket paid for.

Why have I not realised how GOOD this film is before ?
Why aren`t folk jumping up and down about this film ?
The graphics are utterly amazing, it was exciting, the story was good and it had a moral.
And I LOVED it !
I`ve enjoyed all the Pixar films, but this really was something special.

I will be getting this on DVD for sure when it is released. I can`t wait to see it again, LOL.
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Mimi said...

I've not seen it, but I look forward to it.

DebD said...

My family loved Cars as well.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

It's released here in Chicago area. We bought it and watched it this weekend, and we did really enjoy it. It probably is even m ore beautiful on the big screen.


Philippa said...

I enjoyed this movie alot. And the hubster and I went to see it without kids! LOL!