Saturday, November 25, 2006

Big Grin

Ta-da !
We have Broadband :-)
It has been a saga and a half; but there again, nothing is ever straightforward in our house......

When the modem etc came, the cable was only 3m long. We need a minimum 10m from the phone point to the room where the computer is. So we went and bought a wireless router, thinking to bypass the problem. Guess what, there is no power supply anywhere near the main telephone point.


So we had to order a special RJ11 10m long cable and wait for it to be delivered and then we had to plumb the cable in through drilled holes in internal walls before we could set the whole shebang up. So what in theory should have taken much less than an hour has actually taken 3 whole days.

But it has been worth it :-)
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Mimi said...


Steve Hayes said...

Oh yes, nothing is simple. We have extension cords plugged into extension cords, wires going through the roof, the lot.

Michael said...

Good on you! I'm so pleased. I know hust how it feels to feel as though you have easier and better access. I have a desktop upstairs and only recently have been able to get online on it since we went wireless just over a fortnight ago. It's just so much tidier than it was before, as well.