Monday, November 27, 2006

All Hailed Out

It was a glorious morning when I took mad bad Basil for his long walk.
It was still glorious when DoomHamster and I went to town to meet up with my mother.

Then it rained. So after seeing my mother safely onto her bus stop, we decided to catch a bus home ourselves, but still had about ten minutes to wait, so we browsed in our local bookshop (of course !) only to see our bus sailing past us and the prospect of another half hour`s wait till the next one.
Botheration. The rain had eased off somewhat, so we decided to brave the elements and walk home; which we managed to do without actually getting wet.
It really was much too good to last though.......

When it was time to pick the small people up from school, it still looked a little overcast, so I grabbed the children`s umbrellas on my way out through the door. The thought did cross my mind that perhaps I should put on my waterproof jacket rather than my fleece, but I rather rashly did not listen to the inner voice of sanity and reason. I should have known better, I suppose.

It started to rain as DD4 exited her classroom door, so up went her umbrella. She had fallen over on the tarmac playground surface during outdoor play and grazed her cheek, knee and forehead, so she looked rather worse for wear. We walked round the school to retrieve DD3, and up went her umbrella too. I hadn`t bothered to pick up my own umbrella, of course :-)

We were about half way home when the heavens opened and a horrific hailstorm began. The hailstones were bouncing up off the pavement and into our shoes, which was NOT pleasant, and within a very few seconds we were soaked through and stung by the hailstones of doom.

Luckily at the end of the long road is an enclosed public telephone box, so the two children and I, plus one of their schoolfriends and her mother, all managed to cram into this shelter till the storm passed. There was one problem; there was not room for the umbrellas, and I didn`t want to leave them outside as they would have been blown away by the high winds, so I rashly poked my arm out through the slightly ajar door and held the umbrellas outside.

We squelched home, quite literally, as we all had soaking shoes, tights and socks. The shoes are al stuffed with newspaper and near a radiator to dry out before the morning - I hope !

I know exactly why all this happened. It had nothing to do with the Weather Butterfly, global warming or any scientific reason.

It was all because the local council had chosen today to erect the municpal Christmas tree on our main roundabout in town. We will be cursed with high winds and storms for at least a fortnight, till the poor pine tree is but a travesty of its former self and leans forlornly at a bizarre and improbable angle .

It happens EVERY YEAR, but with eternal optimism, every year the Christmas Tree goes up !
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