Saturday, September 09, 2006


Have any of you transferred over to the new Beta Blogger yet ?

If so, is it worth doing, or is it causing any problems?

One blog I read has gone over, and people can`t comment unless they have a Google account, which is a pain.
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Anonymous said...


My rule regarding beta programs is to wait until the first official release. I have done the beta thing before and have had nothing but problems. This is especially true of downloaded beta software.

Regarding Blogger, some of the features look very interesting, but I'll wait for now.

BTW, whilst you were on holiday there was a login problem for many who were using IE 6.0. This problem was resolved about the time you returned.

Unfortunately, the way it looks everyone who wishes to use Blogger will have to have a Google account when the switch to the new system is final.

I agree, just what I need, another account to keep track of!